Features coming with 5.611 and the new editor

Hello all,

Final release of v.5.611 and the new TB editor is right around the corner. Why upgrade, you ask? Here is quick summary of the new features available with the 5.611 Editor:

  • FORMS – an entirely new drag and drop graphical method of creating objects and controls (like TrueCtrl) that automatically writes your code.
  • CHAIN to any executable program without leaving the editor – even Windows programs like Word and Excel.
  • Customize and extend your Help files
  • New breakpoint and block commenting features
  • Improved window management and drag-and-drop mechanics
  • Enhanced menus, toolbars, and keyboard shortcuts
  • New auto-save and auto-backup options
  • Hot-start feature restores the editor to the same condition it was in when last shut down – including open windows and cursor positions.

… and more! Contact us for a detailed list of new features and functions.

Special pre-release upgrade deal now happening: upgrade now at current prices and receive a free 5.611 upgrade at release time. We will be increasing prices for the first time in 6 years when the new version comes out, so this is a great time to upgrade or go to a higher edition if you've been considering it. Upgrades start at $19 for Bronze edition. Check out the Upgrades page for details.