I'we been out of date some years


I'we really been out of programming (and using True basic) some years, but now I must 'ReLearn' some tricks.

My question is: What are the most important differences between current Gold version (5.5?) and version I own (5.32)?

(I also Have version's 2.0 (whose DOS-editor I use still!), Broze, and Silver (released 6th may 1999) and TBV5 (version 5.16).



Re: mcc ... The gray 'down arrow' ...

mcc ... Don't you see the grey 'down arrow', immediately to the right of the column labeled "Last reply"?

That's what you click on to start some 'Search' action. Regards ... Tom M

I see a "sort up/down" arrow;

which is not exactly what I would call a "search" feature. I was expecting to see a text entry box with a "search" button, like just about every other site has. Anyway, thanks Tom for pointing out that little gray arrowhead.
Mike C.

Fixed it.

Sorry about the confusion with the search field - should be fixed now. There was a box left unchecked deep, deep down in the user permissions.


Fixed it? Yes!

It works for me now. Thanks!

That fixed it.

Thanks very much. That'll be real handy.
Mike C.

TB 5.32 vs TB 5.5 ...

KalleHeiman ... The difference is that TB 5.5 doesn't use the three .dll utilities that TB 5.32 needs to print output to a printer. Use TB 5.5b19 instead.

Didn't you read the Forum message where I addressed this subject several days ago? Regards ... Tom M

Search function

On a related note, you may have noticed the new search field on the right sidebar - this will greatly help folks looking for previous topic discussions.

Carry on!


No Search Field

I have it turned on in my account but there's no sidebar at all, let alone a search field. I'm using Win 7 Ultimate both 32- and 64-bit with 32-bit IE 8.x

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I don't see any search field either. What side bar?

Search field

The Search field appears on the right side of the page when you're logged into your user account. If you can't see it or do not want to see it, you can change this preference on your My Account page, under Block Configuration.


sorry; still not there

Oh well.
Mike C.

Check your settings

Check your account settings under the "My account" link when you're logged in - the search function might be disabled.


STILL NO search field

Doesn't make any difference whether it's checked or unchecked on the "My Accounts page. The search field never appears anywhere. The Shopping Cart does behave in accordance with the check boxes, however. Mike C.

search field


I can't see no one.


Re: Search field on right sidebar ...

admin ... No, I didn't, until I saw this Forum message. I'll get used to it shortly. Regards ... Tom M