cross platform capabilities

I was pleased to see that True BASIC is still alive! But as a Mac user I have a question/problem. I want to create a BASIC program on my Mac G4 10.4 system that I can bind into a executable that will run on on either Windows Vista or XP as well as Intel OSX. In considering your suggestions, Crossover Mac goes the wrong way and Boot Camp goes from OSX 10.4 to Vista or XP but TBASIC needs to be run on OS 9.32 or classic.

So I conclude that I won't be able to use True BASIC to create these programs.

Is this correct?



Re: cross platform capabilities

Fred Tabbutt ... I have a question. What are the reasons for wanting to create an executable True BASIC program file?

Another question: Have you created any TB programs using the "BrDemSetup.exe" version of True BASIC? Regards ... Tom M