making new windows

i want to know how to make another window in true basic, and control it(size, spot, user can move it, has only things i want in it)

basically i am making a calculator that will open in a separate window and will operate on the user clicking buttons in it, and close only when they press an ok button that i will make in the window.

how do i do that?


Hi, You need the library


You need the library module TrueCtrl.trc

Next read up chapter 22 in the manual, or get familiar with the range of demo programs in the TBdemo folder.
You can specify that the window has no resize button and no close button.

Big John

ok i have TRUECTRL.TRC, but

ok i have TRUECTRL.TRC, but it IS a trc and because i got true basic from school, i don't have a manual at home, i already requested the pdf on the post at

but i am still waiting for that.

so since it is a trc and i cannot read its source, could you tell me the syntax for making windows(if it is not too complicated), or at least a good demo of its use

It looks like Anne ...

jackduffybailey ... It looks like Anne, at True BASIC Inc. is emailing some of the True BASIC .pdf manuals to some of the students who are showing a real interest in the TB Language. As a longtime user of TB, I have printed manuals for all TB versions, from ver 2 through 5, but for me to distribute TB manuals would breach the copyright agreement I have had with TB Inc., when I first met and talked with Tom Kurtz at the Philadelphia Area Computer Society (currently in 1987. That was in my CP/M days. Regards ... Tom M

P.S. For a good article on CP/M, Google 'CP/M ' and open the wikipedia article (9 pages). I bought the British AMSTRAD 8256 computer/dot-matrix printer in 1985 from Sears Roebuck, for $500. Sears called it a "Word-Processor", but it was actually a fully functional personal computer, and came with the British "Mallard" BASIC software. Mallard was the name of the fastest steam locomotive in Britain at that time. Regards ... Tom M

P.S. again ... Goggle 'amstrad 8256' for another wikipedia article that's an interesting read (12 pages). Regards ... Tom M

ok then

ok, i will see if i can find how to do this either online or on monday, when i go back to school

i have the manuals

I have the tb bronze and silver manual but as was stated for me to give them to you would be a breach for copyright. but on the left side on contact if you click it and fill out the form the admin will e-mail it to you.



Thanks for the support re: the copyright agreements on the manuals.

Jack - if you got TB via your school, they should have a site license (or similar) and should be able to provide a PDF copy of the manual. If you tell me the name I can also look it up for you.



ok, it is

Takoma Park MS

Montgomery county