discoverypak book

Received book and cd and sum programs work ok but, when I try to run "metric conversion program" page 8-18,the program wont run. I get two error messages. the first one is "libreary(library)...\quit.tru: NO SUCH FILE" and below it the other message is "Undefined routine QUIT in main program". This without any modification,etc,but right off the CD. I hope someone out there can help me because this is one program I want and there is nothing wrong with the CD or my computer,it must be in the program itself. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Joseph Dobash



joseph ... I just RAN my METRIC.TRU program, and it worked ok. I must have debugged it many years ago. Email me and I'll send you my program listing. Regards ... Tom M

Re: DiscoveryPak METRIC.TRU

joseph ... I'm not surprised you're having a problem with the Subject program. I had problems when I got DiscoveryPak in October, 1993. I was able to discover problems and fix them. I'll need to RUN 'METRIC' and see what happens; it's been 17 years since I ran DiscoveryPak programs. I'll get back to you.

The DiscoveryPak program I liked the most was the one that printed out a one year Calendar for any year since 1 A.D.. It's in the TIME and DATES chapter (13). Regards ... Tom M