accessing LPT1 for interfacing stepper motors

Hi , wonder if you can help. I am running TB Silver succesfully, however I wish to access the LPT1 port for interfacing (not for printing).
I am running Qbasic to drive stepper motors thru LPT1.
Commands that access specific pins on this port are :
and this is running well in Qbasic in DOS.
Question is , does TruBasic have an equivalent command to "OUT port number ,command"

I would very much prefer to run the whole program in TB as it is a far more sophisticated platform.

Any ideas?


Re: accessing LPT1 for interfacing stepper motors

In Windows you don't have direct control of the hardware like you do in DOS. It's possible someone has written a library for Gold that can do it but I don't know of anything for Silver or Bronze. If someone else here knows of any way to do this, I'd certainly love to know about it!