Problems with TrueBasic Beta

I'm trying to run program that I have used extensively under TBSilver on a Windows XP SP2 machine on one running SP3 and am having trouble. I tried using the new beta version, but I can't even compile the program as this line causes it to abort:
LIBRARY "truectrl.trc"

Has the syntax for Library calls changed? or what.



Hi,You need to tell the


You need to tell the editor where TrueCtrl is located, e.g.

LIBRARY "c:\TBsilver\TBlibs\Truectrl.trc"

The editor assumes that if you do not specify a path for a library, then the library must be in the same folder as the editor was launched from.

Big John

LIBRARY Directory

Isn't there an equivalent of the {library} alias that's in Silver? If not I request that it be added, as well as a method to change it to our own library path. It would also be nice to have {help}, {do}, {script},{runtime} and {tb_tmp}


Hi Tom,

ALIASES as such are not supported in the new editor. However, in the past couple of days I have modified the editor so that it looks for files in the current directory, the TBlibs folder and the TBdo folder (I could be pressed to add more). The purpose was allow legacy code that uses aliases to run. Basically you don't need aliases if you use pathnames in LIBRARY statements. The danger with aliases is that if you share your code with somebody else then you have to also tell them what aliases you are using. Aliases also have to be reset every time you start up TB otherwise you just get the defaults.

In principle TB was intended to be "run anywhere" code. As soon as you start customizing your version of TB by using ALIAS, LOAD etc, you defeat the initial objective. The code will certainly run on your computer but won't necessarily run on anybody elses computer (unless you tell them how you have customized yours). The initial thread in this Forum topic is a simple indication.

Big John


That's just it! Without Alias, a person would have to change the LIBRARY statement in all the programs I send them to their own directory structure or create the same directory structure I have. With Alias, the code can stay the same:

LIBRARY "{library}mylib.trc"

will work on anyone's system with no change to the code as long as their system has the {library} alias set to their library location. Alias makes the code MORE machine independent, not less.

Hi you need to tell the...

John H. Chalmers

Thank you, BIG JOHN, that solved the problem-I've got files in too many folders, will clean it up.