Calling all HP printer users


There have been a number of posts on the Forum relating to problems with TB programs failing to work with certain HP printers. In order to address this problem we need facts, and we need users to provide those facts.

Please contact the Forum or e-mail TB detailing which version of TB you were using, what was the operating system, and what type of HP printer you were using. We need to know which HP printers can be used successfully and those that cannot. It is not just the failures we want to hear about - we need to know the successful ones too.

Thank you for your co-operation.

Big John




I've just had an HP error report from a user of an HP model C6280. His error is as follows:

"I cannot get True BASIC to print out program listings. I have tried both
typing 'list' in the command window and selecting 'print' from the file
menu in the edit window. The printer just sits there for 20-30 seconds and
then reports a paper jam. When I eject the paper there is nothing on it. I
can print just fine from other applications, and when I copy the program
listing to the clipboard and paste it int Word or the Windows Notepad it
prints fine.
I have also noticed that sometimes the Help menu crashes with a 'subscript
out of bounds' error. I have learned to save my work before going to the
Help menu.
Other than that everything seems to be working fine. I just finished my
first program in True BASIC, a program to help me solve Sudoku puzzles.
Over 550 lines - not bad for not having done any programming in about 15

HP printers

Hi all,

Thanks for that comment.
At least we know that the C6280 doesn't work. We also know from other posts that this printer and others will print from WORD or NOTEPAD but not from TB. This makes me feel that this is a driver problem rather than a specific printer problem. In my case I have an EPSON Scan 2000 that prints perfectly with all versions of TB - obvious EPSON has a driver that works.

Big John

HP Printers

Big John,

I run TB Bronze version 5.41a on a Windows Vista 32 Bit on Service Pack 2. I cannot print to my H/P PhotoSmart 3210 printer.

I'm hopeful you can figure something out with this issue. I had a couple conversations on this back in 2008 and it's still an issue for us.

Good Luck! Let me know if you find something.



Help from HP

Hi Brian,

Fortunately we recently made some progress on this issue. We were told by HP that individuals having trouble with printing from TB should first download their universal printer driver (link posted in a previous post on this forum) and then call HP tech support if they continued to have trouble.

They didn't want to start a discussion about updating their drivers to accommodate TB, but wanted us to have our users contact them on a case-by-case basis.

So, let us know how you make out if you go this route.



HP 4250 PCL


We also know from a recent post that the HP 4250 PCL doesn't work either.

We still have no news of HP printers that do work with TB. It would be good to know if there are any. Please let us know.

Big John

HP 895DeskjetCxi


More news: the HP 895DeskjetCxi works with TB even though it is an old model.

Big John

HP photosmart plus series-B209 printer


Another post tells us that the HP photosmart plus series-B209 printer is yet anothet HP model that doesn't work with TB.

Big John

HP printers


Here are a bunch of comments from Bob Brannock:

1. HP F 380. I'm pretty sure that one didn't print from TB.
2. HP PSC 1350. Worked great with TB.
3. HP PSC 1410. I believe this one worked just fine.

All three of these are probably out of production.

4. HP F 4435. Newer. I am waiting until I use up all the Epson ink cartridges so I don't know if it works or not as it has never been connected.

Big John

HP printers


Jo Dobash tells us that the HP DESKJET F4280 works just fine.

Big John

More printers

Here are some more comments:

The various models we use around the school where they seem to have trouble are:

hp laserjet 4100
hp laserjet 4200n
hp laserjet 4250n
hp laserjet 4050
hp color laserjet 4550
hp laserjet 4014

thanks for looking into this.

By techhelp at 05/24/2010 - 13:06

Big John