getting ambience or background music to work

I put together a few sound statements to make a theme song from my childhood. I want to be able to play it while I play my game. I tried putting it in a loop before the program and it just ran forever. Putting it after the program and before the end statement wasn't much better since I played then was stuck listening to the song. I thought that maybe a subprogram would work for it but nothing in the books we have here at school is giving me the information I'm looking for. Any help is greatly appreciated.




To PLAY sounds in the background you need to use the PLAY statement with the MB option. To stop the melody at any time use the statement SOUND 0,0

The option MB allows the melody to be played in the background while other statements are being processed. The MF option means while the melody is being played, no other statements are executed.

PLAY music$ executes the string of music commands.
Chapter 15 of the manual describes how to construct music commads.

Big John

MB option, I cannot find it

MB option is new to me. Would you explain how it works and how it is set?


PLAY statement


There is an example in Chapter 15 of the Silver manual.

Big John


I agree with you John, the only problem with that example is that it doesn't tell you how to format the MB statement (I'm not sure if it's a statement, or a SET MODE or something else based off of chapter 15's description, so correct me if i'm wrong.)