discoverypak programs

hi some of the programs use the following. library "...\quit" then declare def quit but the program wont run instead the error message is NO SUCH FILE. Is there any way to overcome this by listting some other file name,etc.This is from the states capitals program..thanks Joseph dobash


Quit Program


The discovery pack program will probably run on your computer provided you have set the aliases to recognize the directory where the QUIT.TRU program resides.

This is an example of how aliases encourage users to adopt "lazy" habits. It is good practice to use the full pathname of a file in LIBRARY statements rather than relying on aliases to find the folder, e.g.
LIBRARY "c:\tbsilver\tblibs\quit.tru"

I wonder how many users know and understand what aliases are? The current manual doesn't explain aliases well, although the HELP file does a good job. A much better description can be found in the DOS manual.

Many of the Discovery Pack programs were written for the DOS version. I believe that the DOS version automatically added .TRU to program names that didn't have an extension.

Big John

Re: DiscoveryPak "Quit" program

joseph ... The "Quit.tru" program listing is as follows:

! Thus function is used often in the Discovery programs.
! It returns 1 if the user presses Q or q,
! and returns 0 for any other key.

DEF Quit

ASK MAX CURSOR bottom, width
SET CURSOR bottom, 1
PRINT "Press Q or q to quit, any other key to continue.";
IF key = ord("Q") or key = ord("q") then
LET Quit = 1
LET Quit = 0


The Quit program listing is formatted like all of the program listings in the TBDo folder.

You might want to copy the Quit.tru program listing below the END statement of your DiscoveryPak program listings. See if that solves your problem.

Copying Quit.tru into the TBLIBS folder might also help.

I will experiment with the problem as time permits. Regards ... Tom M