Windows 7/ Server 2008

using true basic bronze with Windows 7 and we continue to have problems printing our programs out getting the error print failed.

can anyone give us any potential reasons why we continue to struggle with printing? we cannot print on any Windows 7 computer. We also tried printing from a print server built with Windows Server 2008. Perhaps there are printer drivers that won't work nice? I am grasping at straws here.

Are there any plans to address these issues? I all for making this software work since our teachers really like it, but we aren't staying with Windows XP forever nor are we staying with Windows Servier 2003 forever.

Any help would be appreciated as we decide what to do about this program.




It is not the type of computer or the operating system which is the problem, it is most likely the printer itself. There are several HP printers that don't work with TB regardless of the computer or whether you are using Win95,win 200,xp or windows 7. I have several EPSON printers and they work with all Windows operating systems that they were designed for. For example I have an EPSON SCAN 2000 that works with win95, XP and Windows7.

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There is a known issue with certain HP printer models - see the earlier post in which we're collecting information to help us troubleshoot. Since we've got many users working with TB in Windows 7 I am inclined to think it's a printer issue.

If you can provide some more information about the types of printers you're working with or any other specifics, we'll go from there. Also, screenshots or exact error text might help.




The various models we use around the school where they seem to have trouble are:

hp laserjet 4100
hp laserjet 4200n
hp laserjet 4250n
hp laserjet 4050
hp color laserjet 4550
hp laserjet 4014

thanks for looking into this.


As I suspected, HP printers. Thanks for providing model numbers - that will help with our petition to HP.

I'm not sure how long it will take us to resolve the issue with HP, but I will keep you [all] posted.

just to add a little bit to the discussion

our network guy looked at it. all our printers are shared from a server. we found that the print failed when we added one of the shared printers (i.e the list of hp printers i sent earlier)

however, if we created a local printer and mapped to the ip of the printer instead of adding from the shared location using the same drivers, the printing was a success.

its not an end all fix for us though since we have 2500 kids that we have shared network printers mapped to.


Suggestion from HP

I posted this separately but to make sure the word is spread: HP recommends installing their universal driver, which they think will solve the problem - the Deskjet 990C series driver package. I posted 2 download links on the main thread for this issue.

If anyone tries this, please let us know what results you have. Thanks!

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Thanks for the additional background info. At least you have confirmed our suspicions that "drivers" were the culprit. Having done this impressive detective work, I am sure you will find a fix for shared printers.

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