Bug report, new editor beta


I'm running a P4 with 768Mb RAM, Win98SE.

I loaded a program into the editor and ran it without problems.

The Page Setup command caused an error with this message:

tbeditor caused an invalid page fault, module COMLG32,dll at 0167:7felff71

The Print command failed, saying;

subscript out of bounds

362 in new_print_source_window, 144 in print_source_window,
1212 in source_window_filemenu in Main program, 374 in Main program

It would not save and printed a blank page on exiting when Discard was pressed.

The Listing command worked, printing the source code on my Brothers laser printer with a 2 column left margin.



error printing

when i try printing from a couple of computers we get the following error:

print failed:
Subscript out of bounds.
4205 in handle_error_control,486 in Main program

this is happening on two of fifty computers. not sure what the problem might be at this point.

printing problem


What are you attempting to print - a program listing or the output from a program?
You say it happens on two out of fifty computers. Does that mean the other 48 work ok, or does it mean you have not yet tried the other 48?

Big John

Page Setup

I tried Page setup on Win95, win98 and XP and it worked OK for me every time. The error message you got was a Windows message not a TB message. It looks to me like a faulty driver (DLL file).

I also used both PRINT and LIST from the file menu and both printed successfully from all three operating systems. The difference between the two is that LIST uses the OPEN #1: PRINTER, whereas PRINT thinks of the printer as just another window whose pixel definition is determined by the ink dot density (very high defiition print quality), and prints directly to this virtual window.

Big John

Beta testing

I will look into the Page setup problem.

Thank you for including the error message when attempting to print a listing. What sort of printer were you attempting to use?

It is encouraging that the Listing option worked OK.

Big John