Answer from HP re: printer & driver issues

I just spoke with a support rep at HP and here was his suggestion: users with the print errors should download and install the universal driver: the Desjket 990C series. This driver is commonly prescribed to fix compatibility issues and I was told, should not negatively affect normal printer performance.

Here is one place to download the driver package. Note that it is for Windows 2000 - XP. The full list of operating systems for this driver series is listed here.

If you install this driver and still cannot print, the next step (per the support tech) is to call HP Tech Support with a specific model and serial number, and go from there.

Please post your results here. Thanks!


HP printers

Hi Anne,

It looks like we are getting somewhere. It was always my opinion that this was a driver problem. The fact that HP printers work with other software, and the fact that TB works with other printers, all point to it being a driver issue.

This must be good news for all HP printer owners.

Big John