True Basic for Atari ST

I have searched high and low to purchase True Basic for the Atari ST and cannot find it anywhere. I have been in contact with the representatives of the True Basic corporation and they were unable to assist me. Even the developers no longer had it. They recommended that I try this forum. Does anyone happen to have a copy of it?


i may have found what your looking for

TB for Atari ST

I actually turned up a copy of the original TB for Atari ST along with a manual, a few weeks ago! Much to my surprise.

Thanks for the research, though.


the top link

the top link has the program and the manual both mint new in box!!!

Re: Atari

bjjones37 ... Maybe contacting Nolan Bushnell, founder of Atari, might be able to help you. I just Googled:

'nolan bushnell atari basic'

The Google search "hits" you'll get may lead you to the answer to your question. Nolan recently rejoined Atari. Regards ... Tom M

P.S. ... has a Forum and a Support section. Regards ... Tom M

Re: True BASIC for Atari ST

bjjones37 ... These days, you should contact Tom Kurtz directly. He may be the most likely person to have a copy of the Atari version of True BASIC.

Tom is currently a Professor at the University of Wisconsin, in Madison WI. You can go to the Tom Kurtz Home Page via ''. Let us know if you are successful. UW is my alma mater (1952). Regards ... Tom M

Re: True BASIC for Atari ST

I emailed him and he responded that he was the wrong Tom Kurtz.

Tom Kurtz, Atari

I'm in contact with Tom, and unfortunately he does not have an Atari edition of TB. Without violating his privacy, I can confirm that he's not living in WI at this time.

I am sorry we can't help you locate this file - perhaps eBay? Or posting on one of the larger BASIC forums, might bear some fruit.

Good luck!