Scientific Graphics Toolkit

There are many potential users who wish to use what used to
be in Scientific Graphics Toolkit - sgfunc.trc and sglib.trc.
Since True Basic don't sell the toolkits any longer, is there
any way of obtaining just the content of this particular
toolkit? Or is the only way by buying either Silver or Gold;
and which toolkits do those editions actually contain?
Thanks in advance for any information on this topic.


Scientific toolkits

Is the toolkit that you are going to offer for sale different or does it contain more than what is in gold?


Hi Jim,

It would be the same as the toolkit included with Gold edition - the compiled libraries and the source code.


Thanks for your post. I'm happy to help you purchase the SG Toolkit separately - we're in the process of setting these up for individual purchase via the site, just haven't completed it yet.

Email if you'd like to proceed.