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I have a Command Window tab in my taskbar that won't go away.



Beta testing.

The command window is not generated by the editor, it is created by the interpreter. The new editor does not use the command window anymore so it positions the command window offscreen. When you RUN a program the editor brings the command window into view in the normal position. The only reason it is there is so that you can stop your program running and return to the editor by selecting STOP from the command window menu.

WARNING: do not use the STOP option in the output window menu. This crashes TrueBASIC and probably leaves the command window tab on the task bar. You need to use the CTRL-ALT-DEL trick to get rid of the command window tab.

This is a bug in the 5.5b19 interpreter, not in the new editor. The command window and the output window are outside the control of the editor.

Big John

Beta testing

Big John;

There was no window, just a tab in the taskbar but it wouldn't go away.

And I closed the output window with the X button. Is that what you mean by the STOP option?


Command window tab

The command window tab appears on the task bar when you start up the new editor. The window itself is parked off-screen. When you run a program the command window appears at the bottom of the screen. The only way to remove the command window tab is to shut down the new editor. If you make a crash exit and do not shut down through the program then it is likely the command tab will remain. Use CTRL-ALT-DEL to remove it.

The STOP option in the output window is a menu item. Do not use this option. If it were possible for the editor to remove this option then I would have done so, but the output window is not under the control of the editor. The CLOSE button (white cross on a red button - top right) just closes the output window, but it could leave you program still running. This will prevent you using the editor. In other words it will hang the system. This is not at all satisfactory but there is nothing the editor can do about it.

Personally I favour a floating STOP button with no menu and no CLOSE button, so that the user has no other choices. If this was put into effect then there would be no need for the command window at all.

Big John

Big John; That's a strange

Big John;

That's a strange situation. I wonder why it doesn't happen with Crimson?

I abort the output window and it goes away. What's left is Crimson and a small command line window which reports the success/failure message. X-ing out of Crimson removes both windows and leaves no taskbar tabs.


Command window

I have just tried using the CLOSE button on the output window. Apparently it does stop the output program running so it appears to be a safe way to exit.

There is no other reason why we need the command window so I might erase it from future versions.

Remember that every program window has its own command line. It resides behind the information box (bottom right). If you click inside the info box it will then blue indicating it is now the command line.

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