TBD open and save

when using the tbd sub's open and save features, how do you allow for more than 1 filetype?



TBD filetypes


The OPEN FILE dialog box requires you to define a default extension (or filetype), for example TRU. If you want to display more than one filetype you can use wild cards e.g. TR? This will display TRU files and TRC files. If you use T?? then the display will include TRU, TRC and TXT. If you wish to display ALL file types then you can leave the extension as null (I think). Personally I use the TrueDial library where the null extension certainly works.

Big John

ok, but

ok, but the problem with that is that i am using it in an image editor, where i will have things like bmp and png and jpg, using whildcards wont work for that

i have a temporary solution to that, which is to use tbt to have a list box where the user selects the extension, but i would rather not have to do that (though it does allow me to make sure there is an extension, and know what it is)