dll problem


Here's a new one.

I sent a program to a client and included the 3 dll files as usual.

When he tries to run it he gets an error message saying it can't find the dll file.

I've had him put copies in the windows/system folder and also in the same folder as the executable but it still can't find them.

What's wrong?



Big John; No, he's running

Big John;

No, he's running XP and all the files are in his C: root directory.


Hi Roger, Is your client

Hi Roger,
Is your client running on Vista? If so, has he/she installed your program in the Program Files folder? If so then this may be the problem because Vista read/write protects files in this folder. TB reads the "home" folder first before trying c:\windows\system. Try removing the DLLs from the home folder and let Windows find them in the system folder, or better still, install your program in any other folder except Program files.

Big John