New editor feature

Is it possible to add a delete line feature and a column edit mode?

A hotkey delete is easier than the windows-style select-delete process.



column editing

These features are implemented in Note Tab Pro, as well as column copying and pasting. You might be interested in looking at them. The software can be downloaded at no cost.

Beta testing

Hi Roger,

Yes a hot key line delete is possible - which keys do you want to use, assuming that combination is not already in use.

Can you explain more about column editing, keeping in mind that with proportional fonts there are no character columns.

Big John

Big John; I use the DOS

Big John;

I use the DOS editor when I have a lot of junk to remove so F4, F5 and F6 are the keys. A keypress is certain as to what happens where but a mouse move and click can hit the wrong spot.

Column editing is extremely handy when you're dealing with tabular data. I download lists of earthquakes quite often and want to remove extraneous information from each line. It would take forever a line at a time but with column editing you select a part of a line and drag down to the bottom of the file, then hit the delete key to remove. You can also cut and paste to insert a comma after each individual column of values.


Column editing

I will look into column editing because I can see how useful it is to you.

The old DOS editor certainly used F4, F5 and F6 for line and block editing. This is not a big job so I will see what I can do to reconstruct this very useful feature of the old DOS editor.

Big John

Column editing is also handy

Column editing is also handy for indenting, for instance, if you move an existing block of text into the body of a test or a loop, you could enable column editing, select the newly-inserted block of text, and tab to indent the whole thing at once.

Peter Nikolaidis

Column editing

Hi Peter,

I will certainly look into this aspect. After all, the editor is supposed to be an editor with the usual editing features.

Big John