PC versions of mac procedures

What procedures using Bronze TrueBASIC in windows replace the Macintosh procedures, MacPenSize(d,d) and MacTextSize(n)? Thanks, Al Shenk


Equivalents to Mac routines.


The built-in OBJECT sub-routine allows you to specify the pen, brush and font details, but this routine is extremely complex and difficult to use. A simplified library module exists (called BRONZEX.trc) which does all the difficult bits for you.
It contains 3 routines:
SUB Window_SetFont (fontname$, fontsize, fontstyle$)
fontstyle$ can be PLAIN,ITALIC,BOLD
SUB Window_SetPen (width, color, style$, pattern$)
style$ can be SOLID,DOT or DASH
pattern$ can be SOLID,HOLLOW,RUBBER
SUB Window_SetBrush (backcolor, color, pattern$)

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