Failure to run EOL CHANGER

I am writing code to run on both PC Vista using TrueBasic version 5.5 Silver on the PC and TrueBasic version5.41 on the Apple running OS 9.2. When I move the codes from one to the other it is necessary to change the line terminators. True Basic offers a text file to do this as the 11th entry under "Free and Demos". I have carefully fixed the "wraparound" lines but persistently get an error on the 68th character of line 10.

Is it possible that there is something wrong with the code as it is presented on your website?

Help! I have several thousand lines of code to modify.




When you say you have fixed the "wrap around" lines - what does this refer to?
Does the error occur when you convert all your programs from one format to another?
What is the 68th character on line 10 in the program in question?

The program works OK for me, but there may be elements in your programs that the EOL changer cannot handle. The code for the EOL changer does not close the two files #1 and #2 when it asks if you wish to convert more. This could lead to problems, but from your description this is not the cause of the problem, and it certainly should not affect the very first program you convert.

The fact that the problem occurs at a specific character suggests there is some flaw in the source code that you are trying to convert. However, if it occurs with all programs in the same place then this is unlikely to be the case.

Whatever the wrap-around fix is, this is another likely candidate for the cause of the problem. It would be helpful if I could see this code fix.

If there is an inherent flaw in EOL changer then it is in all our interests to get it fixed.

Big John