Out Of Date Bronze Edition

My TBBronze Edition is very out of date (1999) and I was wondering if there were any free updates for Bronze Edition that could either be sent to me or if I could be directed to them along with any instructions, tips, or demos of any new commands or tools. Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Bronze updates


There aren't any official free updates available right now, but a full Bronze 5.x to 5.5 upgrade can be purchased for only $19 - see the Upgrades page.

Truebasic.com Site Admin

Thanks, Anne

I have a few other questions now that I've figured out that last one:

First-what's the difference between the 32 and 64bit downloads and how do I know which is best for my computer?

Second-I noticed that you accept payment via Credit Card as well as Paypal. If payment was sent via Paypal by how much longer would delivery take?

Third-When/If you call to verify ownership of the product (TBBronze 1999) what would you be looking for and what if I've lost some of the information?



Answers to your questions:

1. The 32 and 64-bit downloads are the exact same software but with different installation methods. The 32-bit version uses a setup.exe installer, which is not 64-bit compatible.

2. PayPal is our credit card processing gateway - CC payments aren't handled manually so there's no delay. Both credit card and payments made via PayPal accounts are immediate; your download is available as soon as your payment is completed.

3. We can verify ownership with your name and address (at the time of purchase), but a copy of your receipt or a serial number is even better. Also - upgrade pricing is only available for owners of 5.0 or later. To find out which version you have, type VER at the command line.

Let me know if you need any other information. Thanks!


Last few questions..

Ok, so it seems that I'm actually using version 5.30, I dont remember ever updating, but who knows...So I'm not entirely sure where to find the serial number...is it on the instruction manual or the program itself or what? I'm a little lost, sorry.


Don't worry about it; if you can tell me your name, address, and approximate time you bought your copy I can look it up. Probably best to do this via email: sales@truebasic.com.