Beta Test Failure

I didn't realize I'd need Gold to test the editor. All I have is Silver. The error I get is Unspecified interpreter system error. 2972 in truecontrols expandmenuarray,2349 in tc_menu_set,990 in create_source_windows in Main program,211 in Main program.


Beta testing

The beta test version should have been issued as a complete installer package that includes all the TB gold files and folders. You cannot use the new TBeditor on its own. You need to specify a new folder for the new editor package during the installation process, i.e do not attempt to install over the top of an existing version. Make sure the setup installer is called TBgold5602setup.exe, then double click to install.

Big John

Beta Failure

The one I have is called tb56beta.exe and it's 11397 KB long. I originally installed it to its own directory but it didn't work there. It gave the same error.

Beta testing

Hi Tom,

The initial release is version 5.601 which is contained in a setup installer package. When installed the file called TBeditor.EXE is 1211638 bytes in size. Since then version 5.602 has been released in which about 8 bugs have been resolved. TBeditor.EXE in the second release has 1213126 bytes.

The installer package for 5.601 is 11667584 bytes in size and for 5.602 is 11709503. It looks like the version you have is short of a few bytes.

I would advise that you contact TB to send you version 5.602 otherwise you will be reporting bugs that have already been resolved.

Make sure you uninstall the first version before installing the second version.

Big John

The latest beta version

The latest beta version (5.602) is now available via the beta download page.

Peter Nikolaidis