New version - update on release timeline

It's recently been decided that we're putting so many new features and enhancements into the next version of True BASIC that we're going to take a little more time and release it as True BASIC v.6.

While we're eager to release it, we want to make sure it's thoroughly tested to be the best product possible. Version 6 is a BASIC for the 21st century: combining the best of a customizable, modern visual environment with the simple power of True BASIC.

We'll keep the community posted as we know more about a final release date. Until then, the upgrade offer still stands: purchases made now will automatically qualify you for a free upgrade to v.6 when it's released. Prices will be increased at that time so if you've been considering it, now is a good time to act.

For more information, email us at

Thanks for being part of the TB community!