PLOTTING on a printer


Way back in 1995 I wrote a CAD program with TB for DOS. I am about to upgrade this program for Windows. To be of any use, I need to create a library that will plot engineering drawings on an ink jet printer.

With TB it is possible to make the printer a virtual window. Typically an A4 sheet of paper (210x297mm) has 2892x3969 virtual pixels, i.e. about 14 pixels per mm. Not as good as commercial pen plotters, but more than adequate for most sketches.

Let me know if you are interested.

Big John


Printer plotting

I am really interested. Great work and any help would be greatly appreciated.

Plotting output to a printer

Using the PWlib library module is fine if you are comfortable with True Basic computing. But ideally, we learn by rote and an example program illustrating an actual Plot to a printer saves a thousand words. Also, examples of printer plotting is virtually non-existent in the TB published items available.

Any actual examples would be a definite great help.

Regards, Mal W.