Incomplete Output

I wrote a program that creates and then prints several matrices.
However, I'm not seeing all of the output. It seems that the output window quickly passes through the beginning matrices and only displays the last few. Is there a way for me to see and print all of the output matrices?


Displaying matrices on the screen ...

jjp ... You didn't say how many rows & columns your matrices have.

Assuming that your matrices are small, you can put a pause statement between each MAT PRINT statement, or put a GET KEY statement between each MAT PRINT. A PRINT statement between each MAT PRINT will be useful also. Regards .. Tom M

Hi, The output window is


The output window is just a window. It is not a word or text processor with scroll bars etc. If you want to see progressive portions of your output, then you need to add some extra code to your program. Basically you need to arrange that for every 20 lines of output printed on screen you need:
PRINT "Press any key for more."
This will halt further output until you press any key.

Big John