How would I....

How do I go about doing this? I want/need help, not the problem being solved for me. I just started True Basic and I feel overwhelmed...

'Write a program that produces a wedding invitation. Input includes brides name, groom, time, date and location. Make output attractive.'

Does that mean like I have to make the program ask these questions? Or answer them? Does the final run of the program have to look like a wedding card? And how do I make is attractive? o.o


how thanks alot. but i

how thanks alot. but i already handed in the assignment. yea i used input prompts for the questions and used print statements at the end.

More details

Is this an assignment for a class you're taking? If so, it sounds like those would be good questions for your instructor, to clarify the task.

Once you have more details about what you're supposed to do, we can help you with technical questions.

Good luck!

wedding card

yea, i will, but thats all it said in the book. after learning input functions and such...

Wedding Invitation

I write with considerable experience - I have been married three times!

Start with asking the user to input the data you want, using
INPUT PROMPT "Bride's name: ":bride$
INPUT PROMPT "Groom's name: ":groom$
When the user has supplied all the data then CLEAR the page and work out where you want to print the output.
First decide on the colors you want to use - black on silver and silver on black look good. You decide, then
SET COLOR 9 ! print color - you define the number
SET BACKGROUND COLOR 14 ! screen color - you define.

It will look better if you center each line of the invitation - this means working out how many letters there are across the screen e.g. 80. Now write some code that centers each line of print, e.g.
LET maxline=80 ! max letters per line - do an experiment
LET wordlength=len(bride$)
LET indent=(maxline-wordlength)/2
SET CURSOR row,indent ! sets the cursor position
PRINT bride$
When you are done, use BOX LINES to surround your print with a border. Use it several times with different colors for greater effect.

Big John