error printing

when i try printing we get the following error:

this is a little different as we have found it now to be on one model of PC but not another even though they are both running Windows XP with Service Pack 3. The print failed happens on an OPTIPLEX 745 and it works on an OPTIPLEX 755.

print failed:
Subscript out of bounds.
4205 in handle_error_control,486 in Main program
this is happening on two of fifty computers. not sure what the problem might be at this point.


Hi, It sounds like a printer


It sounds like a printer driver problem to me. Check that both Optiplex computers have the same driver and are both attempting to use the same type of printer.

Big John

maybe i could ask it this way

Is there anywhere I can look on a PC to check? Perhaps a network driver that might prevent True Basic from printing? I have been tackling an issue and it appears that it is only certain labs where this is happening. so for example in lab a i can print true basic in there. in lab b i cannot print even if i choose the printer from lab a which i know works.

anyone have any thoughts on what i can check?

they are. the printers are

they are. the printers are shared out from a print server so all computers should be pulling a printer with the same driver. so in this case, the HP4100 is shared out from our server. It is using the same driver when it is added on either computer and it seems to be only having problems with one printer.

HP printers

I'm sorry for the difficulty with that HP printer. There is a known conflict between TB and certain HP models - if you search this site you'll find the earlier discussions and a link to download a universal driver from HP that is supposed to fix it.

HP also advised that if and when individual users ran up against the problem, the user should call them for support on the particular printer. Basically, they couldn't help us in general but can help with specific printer issues.

Hope this helps.