A little help, please?

So before I decided to download the Bronze edition for this program, I checked as best as I could and thought that the 32 bit would work for my computer; unfortunately, I was proven wrong and instead I need the 64 bit. Is there any way I can get this converted without having to pay any extra money, and is there any way that I can get the money I paid for the original purchase back? Originally I just meant to purchase the other version, but I'm under pressure to see if there's something I can do to get this fixed without losing any money.

So, is there anything I can do to fix this, or will I have to start making treks to my campus computer lab?



What is your situation? you have a 64 bit computer, and you bought the 32 bit version on the program. from previous versions the solution was to install truebasic on a 32 bit computer and go to C: drive copy the directory and then go to your 64 bit pc and paste the directory into your program files 86 folder on your 64 bit pc hope this helps.

do you go to rutgers? i hate

do you go to rutgers? i hate the computer lab there btw, yea u shuda be able to ask admins

What I mean is, I already

What I mean is, I already purchased the 32 bit, but my computer requires the 64 bit to run properly. I was wondering, is there anyway that the money I spent for the 32 bit download can be refunded, or will I lose that even if I can't use it?

I can help

I'll check your orders and get in touch with you via email.



It works now! Thank you very much.

On a side, though, I have a question. If I'm working with an IF-THEN program, how do I get the final output for my variable to be a number instead of an equation? I'm working with this problem:

"Write a program to cacluate how many calories a person should consume in a day to maintain their weight. Ask for the sex and weight of the person. For females the calory count should be their weight times 13; for males it is their weight times 16. Find out if the person excercises daily -- if so, make the calory count 20% higher. Also find out if the person works behind a desk in an office. If so, make the calory count 20% lower."

I've already plugged in my equations and stuff, but I can't figure out how to convert it into a number for my final PRINT statement for whichever person takes the program. A little help, please? It bugs me that I'm so close to getting this down, and can't figure this last part out.



You have not described your difficulty very clearly. You say .....how do I get the final output for my variable to be a number instead of an equation? Can you re-phrase your question so that we can understand what you want us to tell you.

Big John