Cut/copy/paste by keys

Although this is not a bug, one reviewer has suggested re-introducing keyboard short cuts for cut/copy/paste similar to those available in the original DOS editor, i.e. keys F4, F5 and F6. This is currently being reviewed and will probably be introduced in version 5.603

Big John


Function keys F4,F5 and F6

Although the new editor (version 5.603) now has function key capability similar to the DOS version, in practice this feature cannot be used because a bug exists in the SYS_EVENT routine that disbales the function keys when a TXED control is active. Testing the new version running under releases prior to 5.5b19 indicates that the mark, copy and paste, and cut and paste features work perfectly. The code will be left in version 5.603 but will only be accessible when the bug in SYS_EVENT is cured.

Big John

Hi John, My thoughts on this

Hi John,

My thoughts on this would be to stick to the Windows standards, because they are being adopted even by other platforms. F5 is normally a "refresh" or reload command in Windows and some other desktop environments. I think sticking to conventional keystrokes (Ctrl-C, Ctrl-X, Ctrl-V, Ctrl-Z) might serve our users better, unless the majority of folks are coming from the DOS version.

Or perhaps, a DOS-version compatibility mode, allowing the user to pick?

Peter Nikolaidis

Refresh funtion in the TrueBasic editor

I would love to see it as I use Vi as an editor and now it very clumsy to compile.


I have finally found a way to detect when CTRL C, CTRL X, CTRL V and CTRL Z have been pressed. As a result the next release (5.603) will have these key short cuts included.

I am in the process of adding the function keys as an option under settings. When selected, this option will make the function keys work like the old DOS version.

Big John


Hi Peter,

Probably for historical reasons TB uses Alt-E-T for cut, Alt-E-C for copy and Alt-E-P for paste. I don't think TB responds to Ctrl-keystrokes. (See Manual APPENDIX E)

The new editor continues this tradition simply because it is written into the interpreter.

Users like me and many others still consider the DOS version of the editor to be a masterpiece because it was so simple and easy to use, and had a number of extremely useful features to aid debugging. The use of F4, F5 and F6 for editing blocks is far easier than anything other editors offer. I will continue to look into single keystroke editing features. We can decide at a later stage what particular keys we will use.

Big John


Hi BigJohn,
My True Basic responds ro Ctrl-Keystrokes. Ctrl+X cuts Ctrl+C copies and Ctrl+V pastes. So how come yours doesn't?
I prefer this method to the use of function keys. Just about every Windows word processor or text editor uses these key combinations.

Chris; None of those select


None of those select text.

F4 selects a line, f4 hit again elsewhere marks a block of text, F5 cuts it and F6 pastes it.