How can I get Trubasic to send output to my EPSON Stylus
CX3200 printer? It uses the USB connection not LPT1. I want to print out
both text and pix.


Printing text and graphics

Hi Dave,

The issue is not LPT1 or USB it is an issue involving your program code. If you use OPEN #99: PRINTER and then use PRINT #99: anytext$, then the printer will print exactly what you want whether you are using USB or not. When it comes to printing graphics you can use the TrueCtrl library module routine CALL TC_win_print(id) which will print the contents of the specified window ID including all graphics.

There is also a library module called PWLIB that lets you print graphics to the printer. At this moment this library is difficult to use properly but there are plans to simplify it for general use.

Big John


David A. Brown
Big John, I have installed TB Silver, and so far have had NO problem. I asked about TB version 5.5 (mine is 3.0) and did not receive information from them. I guess I'm better off with TB Silver, which I have but have never learned.
Regards, Dave


David A. Brown
Hi Big John!
So far nothing works. The simple programs lock up my computer.
Maybe my TB version 3.0 is outdated. I have TB Silver, but rarely us it as I have written hundreds of programs using 3.0.
My printer is an Epson stylus CX3200. My OS is XP. Is there anything that I can add to the start-up file?
Regards, Dave

USB Printer ...

David ... Have you ever tried running your TB version 3 program listings using TB Silver? They should work under TB Silver. My TB Student Edition (ver. 3) program listings all work under TB Gold and Silver.

If your old version 3 programs have been compiled - and you have lost the plain text program listings - then it's possible they might not run under Silver - IF - and only IF - the old programs need to be edited slightly. That's the reason why clear text TB program files need to be archived, and never destroyed.

If you have the plain text program files you could email me a file and I would run it on my computer, to see what's going on. Regards ... Tom M


David A. Brown
Tom M.,
Ihave installed TB Silver and it works ok. I just have to add OPTION NOLET to each program. Is there a way that this can be added to a start up program?


Another way of getting round the LET problem is to use the "Do Format" option in the "Run" menu. TB then puts all the required LETs in for you.
Chris B

Printer problem & TB ver 3 programs

Dave ... I don't know of any startup program that would help you. If your TB ver 3 program listings include the OPTION NOLET statement they should work in TB Silver.

Try writing the following program listing in your TB ver 3 and TB Silver editors:

FOR i=100 to 900

LET a=i





This program must work when run on a DOS computer or a Windows computer. I put the LET statement in it intentionally. Let me know if it does run ok.

OPTION NOLET is ok in any TB version, but I never use it. Regards ... Tom M

printer problem

David A. Brown