TB 6 Demo Bug?

I loaded the Hilbert demo, selected all the text by dragging the mouse down the source code with the left button down, then I right-clicked on the selection, chose Copy and got the following:

Subscript out of bounds.
4483 in rmenu_event,3777 in ct_reset,3751 in ct_event,446 in Main program

Tom L



Hi Tom,

I have not been able to reproduce this bug. I repeated what you did and clicked on COPY on the right click menu. I then pasted this into a NEW program and it worked fine. When I pasted into a completely blank NEW file I got an end-of-line character as the very first character of the paste operation. I am hunting the cause of the EOL character. Other than that I could get the error message that you got.

Big John



I managed to hunt down the reason why an EOL character appears at the start of a paste operation when you are pasting into a blank document. Basically a blank document actually has an automatic eol character on the first line. I have added some code that detects this character and removes it. The update will be release ASAP.

Big John

I've also had this bug - but

I've also had this bug - but not in the demo, but in version 6.