True forms

I am unable to get True Forms to run. I have followed the installation instructions in the read me and followed the PDF file I down loaded. The first attempt looked ok, no error messages and the Forms option was usable in the menu but when I clicked on it I got a series of error message boxes each saying I had missing items. I then tried the right click "run as administrator" instruction and located TBeditor but got the message "Could not find unlocking key in TBeditoe. Intergration aborted".
Any advice please.

Thanks in advance


FORMS issues


I apologize for the trouble with FORMS. It was just discovered that the package released with Gold v.6 has flaws (clearly). We are working quickly to package up an updated version and will get that out to Gold users ASAP.

Thanks for your patience.

Hi Admin Does this mean I

Hi Admin
Does this mean I will get another download link as I see mine expires on the 11/11/10.

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Yes, as soon as it's ready (within the next few days, we anticipate) we will put the updated file in your account. If you are going to be unavailable for a period of time, let me know and I can set the expiration accordingly.




Thanks, I should be around but if not I will contact you

Best regards