CTX controls

I copied my CTX.trc files from my TB 5.5 installation to TB6. When I quit aCTX application running in the editor the window closes but the control line in the editor says it is still running. I then have to force the editor to close using the Task Manager. This is on a Vista 32 bit machine.

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Stopping a program


There is a problem with TBsytem.exe - basically it has no provision for stopping a running program. What this means in practice is that you need write into your program a means of making a quick exit such as pressing ESC or the window CLOSE button. As soon as CT_event or TC event picks up either of these events then it will shut down the program safely. There still remains the problem that your code may have entered a never-ending-loop in which case no matter what you do, you can only shut it down with task manager. This problem is nothing to do with the editor or with the CTX library - it is the TBsystem file.

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Hi John
Thanks for tip, I will take your advice onboard, should have done that from the start as it is good practice to have a way of exiting the program cleanly.