Print Zones

Please get rid of print zones entirely (print using seems to be over-ridden sometimes) or give us a NO_Zones option.

heck, give us FORTRAN formatting; I've used it in many applications I've written in non-FORTRAN code.



Print zones


I agree with you. Print zones complicate the issue. In fact, in the new version 6 editor a special line of code has to be automatically attached to all user code to sort out a print zone bug in the TBsystem file. At some distant stage in the future the problem of print zones will be addressed, but certainly not in the immediate future - sorry.

Big John

Thanks w/relevant question

Thanks for this and another response.

The question is: do you want us to burden the forums with thank-yous?

In my opinion

I can't speak for John, but in my opinion no expression of gratitude goes amiss!

That, and it's helpful to hear back from users that their issues have been resolved (or not).

Thanks to you also for your feedback toward the 'wish list.'