many bugs

So, as recent 5.5 purchaser, I "just" downlaoded v6.

A problem disappeared, but boy did others appear.

Condensed series of actions:

A. I opened (in v6) the v5 program and "saved aS" with the name in the program statement. The default name in the save as was "FREE"

B. After a while a sequence of two error msgs began to appear:

B1: invalid window id
item combination

B2: file is read or write protected 2264 in filemenu, 1741 in source_window in Main Program, 543 in Main program

C. The top bar/line of the window said FREE.TRU

D. There are only 520 lines in the program.

E. These error msgs show up when I try to save.
F. These error msgs show up when I try to save as.
G. These error msgs show up when I try to run.

H. Sometimes nothing happens when I try to run although when I first took the program to v6 it did run.

I. It is so nice to have that empty space on the left!




I have not been able to produce a file with the default name FREE. This filename (FREE) is used internally to denote an empty or unused array element. However, if the filename FREE is used then it will generate other errors. I have corrected this problem in the editor by changing any unexplained "FREE" filenames to "UNTITLED" in order to prevent other error messages being created.

The new editor download will be made available ASAP.

Big John

can't save work; "FREE" filename

I also had this experience -- once -- and I have no files named FREE or FREE.TRU. FREE appears in the window title bar -- no file is created or saved under that name.

The impossibility of saving is chronic, though -- I can't save my work at all. I get the same error messages reported above. I'll have to go back to my 5.31 editor until this gets fixed.

Best regards,

Bill Roberts



I have just tested SAVE and SAVE AS and they work OK.

You might want to try deleting the file called TBedits.cfg then restart the editor. This will reset the system and will clear the list of files under the window menu.

I have added some code to detect the use of the filename FREE so this should not be a problem anymore.