variable/etc list

I have spent a couple decades coding in filePro's language, which is more friendly and less than original BASIC. (It is highly doubtful your new FORMS will be as programmer-friendly.)

Innyhoo, a sometimes very useful feature at syntax-check time (sorta kinda compile time) is the option to get a list of all variables complete with their locations. Add subs and functions ...

I don't find the FIND very useful, and you need to at least suspect what the problem is.



This feature exists.

In the Environment pages.

variable list


TB has a DO program (XREF) that (quote from the program):

This program prints a cross-referenced listing of True BASIC
programs. First it prints the program itself, adding line numbers
if the program doesn't have them. Then it prints a table of every
variable, number, and keyword used in the program, and the lines
on which they occured.

Beware this list can be very long.

If this isn't enough, then you can use the breakpoint feature that will list the value of any variables specified by you at the point when the program was halted.

By the way, FORMS doesn't require any programming on your part - FORMS writes the program code for you.

Big John