Backspace Button...

Ok so I know that there are currently a LOT of bugs with this 6.001 version of gold, however, I think I just found another or two...or I've been poorly misguided by my mind...or maybe I just don't have a setting enabled that I should have...Anyway here's the problem:
When I highlight segments of code or text and the attmept to use the BACKSPACE button to delete it, nothing happens...things that do happen are:
-If no text is infront of the highlighted section then the entire selection is moved up one line.
-If partial text is highlighted and there IS text infront of the highlighted section then it deletes whatever comes before it (i.e. the closest single character).
@@@ ALSO @@@
-The CTRL-C -V -X commands do not work...when they are pressed all that happens is a strange symbol is inserted into the text (different symbol for each command).
-Also, one more thing, the reason that I get an error is obvious but the hang up is not, not to me atleast...what I do is type any string of text into the main source window and hit run, obviously it's not a command and I do get a correct error...but when exiting out of the "ERROR" pop-up window the source window hangs up and must be restarted...not sure why it hangs up.

-Hope these were helpful, I'll get back to you if I find more bugs.


Back Space


The back space button is for deleting individual characters not for deleting whole blocks of highlighted text - the delete button is for deleting highlighted text. I will insert some code that disbales the backspace button when text is highlighted which will prevent the other events happening.

The problem with CTRL X,C and V have been fixed.

I will check out the ERROR window problem.

Big John

Back space & ERROR window


I have included a line of code that disables the backspace button if any text is highlighted.

CTRL X,C and V have been fixed.

The error window can now be closed with the window close button, of the close item on the error window menu. Not that you need these options because I have also included code to erase the error window as soon as you attempt to re-run.

I also found an additional bug in the error window. Basically only the first errors were shown. Any new errors were not shown because the list re-draw routine in the CTX library didn't refresh the error list. This has now been cured.

There was also another bug in the error list. In order to overcome a bug in the TBsystem file four extra lines of code are automatically added to every program when you try to run it. This obviously upsets the line count in the error message, i.e. the line on which errors occur is four lines more than it should be. This bug has also been fixed.

Big John