Latest BETA edition

Can you let us know which BETA version is current somewhere in a prominent regular position at the top ? From the FORUM I conclude 5.602 is the latest available for us but there is a mention by Big John of a 5.603, maybe still in the works. You might also mention that the latest version is available from the download site given in the email sent to us testers AND to uninstall the previous version before installing the latest. This important general info is going to get neglected as it gets older and further down the listings. All other general info (not bugs) about installing and usage would be helpful if placed so prominently. All of us TB fans are not programming pros. I'm happy to see new developments.

Bob Brannock


Version numbers

Hi Bob,

The current version number is 5.602

As I cure any reported bugs, I issue a new version e.g. 5.603

If I add any new features that users have requested, such as adding F4, F5 and F6 as editing keys (like the DOS version), then I will also issue a new version.

When any new version is issued it will be announced here and probably elsewhere on the web site. Obviously in the early days there may be several new versions issued at short intervals, but as time goes by these intervals will get longer and longer. I think it is important that beta testers have the benefit of the latest version, otherwise they are likely to report the same errors over and over.

The instructions for installing and using the new editor are all included with the installer in a "readme" file.

Big John

test program

Finally got 5.602 and it seems ok. But the test program supplied with it doesn't run. It objects to the long line and I can't seem to fix it.

Also, while the error screen gives line and character numbers there's no indication on the screen as to where that is. Shouldn't a highlighter or pointer be added?

How do you get line numbers on-screen?


Version 5.602

Hi Roger,

The test program has an error in it on purpose because it is an example from a book I am writing. Just comment out the two redundant long lines.

To actually cure the problems, quote marks are required before the ampersand and after the apersand in the following line.

The reason that I changed from a flashing cursor at the error point to highlighting the whole line is that sometimes I have geat difficulty finding the flashing cursor whereas you cannot miss the black highlight.

Maybe I should add another option to the settings menu that allows you to select cursor or highlight for errors.

The current line number is shown in the bottom left box. The current character number is shown in the next box to the right.

Big John

But John; There was no

But John;

There was no highlighting or flashing cursor and while the line and column is shown at the bottom, that's no help without a cursor.


Cursor at error point

I will check out what happens when the user clicks on a line showing an error in the error window. This line shows the line and character number where the error is located. Currently the next thing that is supposed to happen is that the line containing the fault is shown highlighted beginning at the character in the line where the fault is located and continuing to the end of the line.

Big John