A matter of convenience...

1)-Not entirely sure if this is a bug or if thisis supposed to happen but it's more like an inconvenience if anything. When using the green arrow keys to move back and forth between open programs it will delete all code that has been typed into an usaved source code page. For example, if I open a new unsaved program (untitled1) and have another program open on the next "page" and I type some code into the untitled page and move to the next program to view some code and maybe cut/copy/paste something and then go back to the untitled page there is no more code there...It's not a huge issue because I can simply save the document immediately upon opening it and continue with no "erasing" issues, but it would be nice if it could keep the code there incase I forgot to save.

2)-I've been able t reproduce a program window called FREE several times and I noticed that a post was listed earlier about it too.
here are the steps I use to reproduce it:
1-Open a previously saved .tru file (all files do this as far as I can tell)
2-Once the file has been loaded into the TBeditor click file on the top of the window
3-Go down and click on Close
4-When asked whether or not you're sure you want to exit TBeditor click NO
5-A blank file titled FREE appears

3)-TWO subscript out of bounds issue:
1-While in any opened file in the TBeditor place the cursor marker somewhere that's NOT at the very beginning of the code (If it's at the beginning nothing happens)
2-Right click and select Cursor
3-A subcript out of bounds error occurs
4-Like I posted earlier with these error boxes, once the error box is closed the TBeditor must be forced to shutdown

3.1)-2nd subscript error:
-Not if it matter, but when this error occurred I had the TBeditor open with code form one of my programs currently viewed in the window
1-Top of the window, click on WINDOW
2-Click on WINDOW, go down to and click on RECENT FILES
3-Open any of the programs listed and a Subscript out of bounds error occurs and like all error windows TBeditor hangs up and must be forced to close.

---I would list more errors, but class is almost over and I have to go, I will post more when I find them.
---I hope that helped a little
---Also as a side note,
---Where can I download/access all of these bug fixes that have been made recently?


FREE file name


Thanks for being so meticulous in describing how to recreate the errors you discovered. I will check out each one and I will report back on the progress with curing each bug. I will address the subscript bugs and will warn the user but still attempt to keep the editor running.

Big John

Bug fixes

"---Where can I download/access all of these bug fixes that have been made recently?"

We're preparing an update now and will have it here for download ASAP. I'll post a notice here, send an email and probably put the updated files directly into user accounts for download when they're ready.