Running True Basic in Linux using Wine

I use Mandriva Linux for most of my computing, and although I have access to Windows, I often find it more convenient to use True Basic in Linux. Wine will run Gold versions 5.32 and 5.41 -- not perfectly, but well enough to be useful. But not Version 6. I was disappointed when I looked over the ReadMe.txt file to see that this was a deliberate design choice -- the Editor uses "the XVT interface [and so] does not address Windows APIs directly". I'm sure there are compelling reasons for this; but the result is a product whose usefulness to me is severely curtailed.

Bill Roberts




Version 6 uses the same XVT that version 5.31 and verson 5.42 use. I think the incompatibilty is the TBsystem file.

When you run programs with version 6 you have a choice of TBsystem files. The default is version 5.5b19 (the one that addresses Windows APIs directly). You change this to version 5.31 TBsystem file.

Big John

True Basic and Wine

Thanks, John; I will try that. But having read your other post re differences between the 5.31 and 5.5 TBsystem files, I see that I am (perhaps) faced with a choice of Wine-compatible programs that require dll files, or a loss of compatibility to gain the convenience of bound programs that can indeed stand alone. Am I understanding this correctly?


TB and Wine

Hi Bill,

Your understanding is absolutely correct. I wish it were otherwise, but for now those are your choices.

Big John