BUG LIST 6.001

Version 6.001

Many of the bugs listed below require a sequence of events to produce the bug. In some cases the bug appears to be intermittent such as the bugs related to the hover box on toolbar titles which require a time lapse for the bug to appear. If you are quick enough
you don't see the bug. This also applies to bugs related to the flashing cursor.

If you wish to report a bug, make sure it is not on the list below.

(1) (a) Color text doesn't color the intial characters until a match for a keyword is found.
(b) This bug was due to the lack of a default color for the first keyword in any line.
(c) Bug fixed in version 6.002
(2) (a) Cursor pointer remains as I beam so toolbox cannot be used. Only happens when right click menu is used.
(b) This was due to the right click menu routine which switches off TC_Mouse_move.
(c) Bug fixed in version 6.002
(3) (a) Sometimes programs continue to run after exit from output window.
(b) If a program has a defective routine such as a never ending LOOP then the exit from the output window may not work.
(c) This is not an editor problem. The Tbsystem file has no means of stopping a running program. You must arrange for a means of stopping your program e.g. the ESC key. Defective code such as a never ending loop can only be stopped via Task Manager (CTRL-alt-del).
(4) (a) CTRL keys do not work.
(b) This bug was due to a change in the default setting for cut/copy/paste in the new TextEdit control.
(c) Bug fixed in version 6.002
(5) (a) Back space key doesn't clear a highlight block.
(b) A highlight block can only be erased with the DEL key. A line of code has now been added to disable the backspace key when the text is highlighted.
(c) Bug fixed in version 6.002
(6) (a) The error window cannot be closed.
(b) Extra code has been added so that the error window is automatically closed when the user attempts to run a program.
(c) Bug fixed in version 6.002
(7) (a) The line reference was incorrect in error messages after run/compile.
(b) This is because extra code lines have to be added to every program to overcome bugs in the TBsystem file. These extra lines made the error line incorrect by a count of 4. New code has been added to compensate.
(c) Bug fixed in version 6.002
(8) (a) Spelling error in short cut keys. Some short cut keys don't work.
(b) Spellings corrected. The cure for bug #4 also cured the problem of some short cut keys not working.
(c) Bug fixed in version 6.002
(9) (a) Windows file list - names with long blanks, names such as FREE, cannot always change files by clicking on filenames.
(b) All these effects were caused by the same problem. Under certain conditions a temporary variable was used to hold the current filename. This variable wasn't reset to null, hence strange filenames would appear as the default in SAVE and SAVE AS. In addition the word FREE was used internally, but this has now been changed to a variable that Windows will not accept as a filename.
(c) Bug fixed in version 6.002
(10) (a) Non hotstart does not always clear the windows menu file list.
(b) Any unsaved files left behind blank spaces in the hotstart file list and these were carried into the Windows menu list. Revise method of dealing with non hostart guarantees an empty list except for Untitled1 - the default file.
(c) Bug fixed in version 6.002
(11) (a) Save and save as did not always work, particularly from the right click menu.
(b) This bug was associated with bug #9
(c) Bug fixed in version 6.002
(12) (a) Switching windows from the windows menu list or by the green buttons caused any code in a NEW window to be erased.
(b) This was traced to a variable called TXEDLONGEST which records the longest line in a program and which is the basis for calculating the units of the horizotal scroll. In a new file this variable starts at zero. This was not updated by the presence of code until the code had been saved. This has been corrected.
(c) Bug fixed in version 6.002
(13) (a) Subscript errors.
(b) Probably as a result of bug #9 these have now disappeared.
(c) No action
(14) (a) Recent files dialog box disappears if you click outside the box
(b) This was a fault in the TDX library. Now corrected.
(c) Bug fixed in version 6.002
(15) (a) Preferences dialog box can disappear as in bug #14 when you click outside the Font selection box.
(b) Again the same fault cure as in bug #14
(c) Bug fixed in version 6.002
(16) (a) Rapidly switching between files using the Windows menu list sometimes causes the first line to appear corrupted. Also a spurious flashing cursor appears.
(b) This is caused by the "hover" box related to toolbar titles. The BOX KEEP image is over printed on the first line. This was cured by setting the hover image to null.
(c) Bug fixed in version 6.002
(17) (a) Rapid switching of files advances the character number
(b) Incorrect character count corrected
(c) Bug fixed in version 6.002
(18) (a) FIND dialog box finds words but doesn't change page to display found words.
(b) Recalculate top line number to cure problem.
(c) Bug fixed in version 6.002
(19) (a) The recent file list got corrupted when HOTSTART was switched off
(b) Code has been corrected
(c) Bug fixed in version 6.002

Big John


Bug Fixes

How will the fixes be distributed? In the download section? Would it be possible to have TB automatically check for updates when it's started so we don't have to keep checking back to see if fixes are available? Interrupts are much more efficient than polling!

Tom L

Delivery of updates

Hi Tom,

Users who have downloaded a copy of 6.001 will be notified via email when 6.002 is ready and the file will automatically be placed in users' Files directory for download. This should happen later today for Bronze and Silver customers; Gold may take a few more hours.

As John says, for future minor updates, an update file will be posted for download which licensed users will be able to download and run to update their current installation. This will not be a full-version download.




Hi Tom,

A splendid idea. Why didn't I think of that?

Currently the editor has a built-in system that allows owners of legal copies of version 6.001 to down load updates directly from the website. Having said that, I suspect that version 6.002 will not be distributed that way because there are other issues which mean 6.002 will be released as a normal SETUP installer package.

However, I do think the idea of auto-checking for updates is worth investigating. It will probably mean using third party free FTP file transfer software. I don't see a problem with getting the editor to contact the TB website and transmit the editor ID, and if there is an appropriate update available it will show the user a dialog box asking if the user wants to download. Many thanks for the idea.

Big John