TBsystem file difference?

Can somebody please explain the advantages and/or disadvantage of the 2 TBsystem files we now have a choice of 2 files to compile with, apart from I guess the need to not supply any extra dll files with the 5.5b19 version.

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TBsystem file


All versions of TB up to and including version 5.42 all had an XVT interface which required DLL files in order to run executable bound programs. Version 5.5x addresses Windows APIs directly and doesn't require DLL files.

In addition to this difference, there are a number of bugs in version 5.5x which are not present in versions up to 5.42. Many of these relate to the OBJECT and SYS_EVENT sub-routines and affect programs using TrueCtrl. For this reason version 6 offers users the option of using either TBsystem file. The user can weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of both.

Big John