Udocumented functions

I have seen reference in the forum before about undocumented functions that are in fact very useful. I have downloaded the "Secret Internal" PDF but see that this does not include the functions I have seen discussed on the forum. Is there somewhere a complete list of functions and key words that do not appear in the official documentation? I would guess the obvious answer would be no, because if there was we could not call them undocumented.



undocumented features

Hi Dave,

As far as I know getpixel and getCpixel are the only two built-in routines that are not documented in the language system. However there are probably quite a few features of the OBJECT sub-routine and the SYS_EVENT sub-routine that remain undocumented. The trouble is I don't know what they are either. I know some bits and pieces about sys-info and a few extra bits about the TextEdit control but that is all.

Big John