5.602 runs under Mandriva Linux

In case anyone is interested, I was able to install the new editor in Mandriva 2008.1, using WINE, and in Windows XP running in VirtualBox. There are minor problems under WINE -- resizing the source window works, but generates a variety of error messages; and the 'open file' dialogue box can't be resized, and is small. Neither of these problems occur inside my virtual machine using Windows, so they appear to be WINE-specific.

I'm also able to use WINE to run programs bound with new editor, which I couldn't do with programs bound under version 5.42. Although there are again minor problems, this is still a step forward.

Based on my limited expereince, I think True Basic can be offered to Linux users with a clear conscience!


That's a step in the right

That's a step in the right direction but I want TB to run under Linux without Wine.



When there is a core system file for LINUX or MAC or any other operating system, then it is a fairly simple job to massage the new editor to suit.

Big John