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Yup, it's me again.

So I've added buttons to my program for a start screen. Problem is when I get beyond this start screen the buttons are still present, even after using a clear. Is there any way for me to 'hide' or delete the buttons?


Thanks a lot John, I did read

Thanks a lot John,

I did read the manual but I couldn't find anything on that. Where abouts in the manual is it? (Bear in mind it's a version of TBSilver that the school has had for a while).

Push buttons


There is no substitute for reading the manual.

If you want to "hide" any object you just use:

CALL TC_erase(objectID)

This works for any object including windows.

It doesn't mean the object or window is permanently erased, it just means the object is removed from the screen. You can put the object back on the screen with:

CALL TC_show(objectID)

If you want to permanently kill an object then use:

CALL TC_free(objectID)

Big John