Just a question about tb 6.x

I currently have tb bronze and tb silver both version 3.3 or 3.5 I dont know exactly ill have to check. I was just wondering how good version 6 is. What all has changed? Am I able to compile my programs to executables? What all is available in version 6 that is not available in the version that I have.

Also I have a win 7 professional 64-bit pc now does this versions installer support 64-bit computers now?

And are the programs that I have already written compatible with this new version?


I love it

I downloaded the demo for 6.x and I love the new editor I love how right click is enabled now for copy-paste and extras, I love the background color. I am currently in college and cannot afford to shell out the extra 40 bucks for the bronze version yet because I just bought the DarkBasic proffessional package, so as soon as I get the extra money I will definately buy the new version!

V6 updates


Version 6 includes a new editor and many features which go along with that - the best way to see it all is to download the Bronze demo and play around with it a bit. You can download the demo here.

The BIND utility is still included with Silver and Gold editions; v.6 is fully 64-bit OS compatible; and yes, your old programs should work just fine.

Let us know if you have any more questions.