Hi everybody,

CHAIN does NOT work as described in the manual. This bug must have been around for at least 20 years because I have a manual dated 1990 that describes CHAIN in the same way as current manuals.

CHAIN filename$ WITH (arg$) doesn't work
CHAIN filename$ arg$ does work

Be warned that arg$ must not have any spaces otherwise the interpreter will consider arg$ to be multiple arg$. For example:
LET arg$="John Doe"
CHAIN filename$ arg$
This will be interpreted as
CHAIN filename$ arg1$ arg2$
where arg1$="John" and arg2$="Doe"

This is particularly relevant if arg$ is a filename or a pathname. In the days of DOS this didn't matter because DOS didn't allow spaces in filenames or folder names, Windows does. For example:
LET arg$="c:\Program Files\My folder\myfile.txt"
This will be considered as three arg$.

It is likely that ADMIN will issue a corrected version of the CHAIN descrption for the manual shortly. It is unlikely that CHAIN will be changed in the language system. It will remain as it has always been.

Big John