'Hotstart' doesn't save window size and position

This is a very minor point; but it would be nice if Hotstart restored the editor state that existed at the last exit. It would be even better if it also restored the last cursor position, so that one could pick up work where one left off. My word processor does this, and it is a real convenience.


Hotstart position

Thank you for pointing this out. Hotstart is supposed to save the position of the last window used, and supposed to restore that position when the computer is re-started. I will look into it.

The cursor position is more difficult. It can be done, but requires some changes to the structure of the config file. I will see if I can get the editor to read the existing structure but write the new structure without raising an error message.

This has now been done in version 5.603 including the cursor position, i.e. all the open files at the time of exit are re-opened on re-start and the size and position of each window is preserved. The last current file at exit become the active window with the cursor position preserved.

Big John