release dates?

Just wondering how soon the new version of version 6 might be ready, and the estimated release date for Forms?

Best regards,

Bill Roberts


6.002 update release

Hi Bill,

Bronze and Silver 6.002 are ready and we are working on the final bug in Gold - a conflict with Forms on 64-bit OS's - and will be releasing all three ASAP. It's possible the Bronze and Silver update will come out first, that's still TBD, but we're just a few days away. Apologies for the continued delay on this.

Forms should be available in add-on format shortly thereafter, for Silver first and then most likely Bronze.

Thanks to everyone for your patience.

Also - for anyone who has ordered a CD backup, we haven't forgotten about you: we've been waiting for 6.002 to be ready before we shipped those out to save having to provide it twice. In the meantime if any CD customers have a system issue that would require a backup copy, just let us know.